We Live In A Flat

It was one day some months before, I told Mr P that we have to get a Kong.

“A what?”

“A Kong.”

“And what is that?”

“It is a rubber food dispensing toy.”

“Then say so.”

That evening, he returned from work and said he spoke with all his friends who had dogs. And nobody, nobody knew what a Kong was.


I’ve been reading all those blogs and webpages about how to prevent separation anxiety in dogs, and how to keep dogs busy and mentally active, yada, yada. And basically everybody praised the Kong to the skies when it comes to a good tool to use when dealing with separation anxiety or just for leaving the dog at home alone . It almost seemed to me that every dog should be born with one. 😛 Yes, a little overly dramatic there.

But anyway, if you are visiting even a…

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