Oregon leads the way.

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(OC: all rodeo events are cruel; there is no justification for harming any animals regardless of type of “event”. All rodeos and rodeo “events” are equally barbaric and should be banned as a whole.)

Oregon lawmakers have voted to pass legislation that will ban the cruel rodeo event otherwise known as horse tripping. 

The bill, SB 835, which was sponsored by Senators Mark Hass and Bill Hansell, and Representative David Gomberg, passed the Senate with the House’s amendments by a vote of 24-6 and now goes to Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber for a signature.

The event in question is exactly what it sounds like and involves roping horses by the legs while they’re running and causing them to fall. For a fast-moving large animal, the crash is as violent as you can imagine and often leaves horses with serious injuries ranging from rope burns and internal damage to…

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