Wolves have long been a victim of human politics. Hope they get rescued soon.

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The Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) has launched an attack on the endangered gray wolf that threatens to decimate its slowly recovering populations. FWS has published a proposal to remove gray wolves from the list of endangered species, and we must speak out against this travesty.

Thousands of these majestic animals once roamed across the United States, but exploitative bounty programs, poisons, trapping and aerial shooting nearly eliminated the gray wolf from the lower 48 states over the past century.

Gray wolves were placed on the list of species protected under the Endangered Species Act in 1973, but their recovery is far from over and their survival is still precarious. The gray wolf has already been delisted in the Great Lakes Region, and Born Free USA is part of a major lawsuit to restore protection. If delisted, states could open trophy hunting…

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