Exposing the Big Game


letter to the editor

I was very troubled by your (June 18) editorial supporting the delisting of wolves in the lower 48.

Your editorial mentions that wildlife groups worry this could lead to the extermination of wolves in many states, and that concern isn’t unfounded. It is, in fact, supported by recent events in the form of hunting seasons in states such as Idaho and Wyoming and of course, Montana. The widespread hostility of these popular hunting states toward the wolf as a “trophy animal” and the alleged “sportsman” that are eager to simply kill the wolf is appalling. Barely on the cusp of recovery, wolves are killed for the sole purpose of a pelt, a rug or a taxidermy prize. Forty years of protection for endangered species leads to this? What a travesty.

And let’s not forget the fragile border of Yellowstone National Park in Montana, and the…

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