Please help protect the farm animals.

Our Compass

A serious threat to animal protection laws is looming with a vote scheduled today.

The “Farm Bill” has an amendment by Representative King (Iowa) that could wipe out animal protection laws nationwide.Arizona’s law banning gestation crates, Michigan’s law banning veal crates, California’s law banning battery cages – are all in jeopardy.

And it doesn’t stop there: every state factory farm confinement law, foie gras ban, horse slaughter law, shark finning ban, and puppy mill regulation, along with environmental protection laws, are all at risk. If the King amendment passes, these could all could be nullified.

The Farm Bill has passed the Senate and will go to the House floor as soon as TODAY for a vote, so please voice your opposition NOW.

Call your U.S. representative (click here to find your representative) and urge him to oppose King’s amendment to the Farm Bill. You can simply say: “As…

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